About Us

BlackDogWhiteWall is a group of enthusiastic amateur photographers based in York.

Originally, the founding members of the group all attended photography evening classes from York City Council, which were run by Keith Meadley, a professional photographer based in York. However, we all kept signing up for the same course each time one finished and another started, as we liked it so much, but this stopped anyone else joining in. So we decided to break away and form our own photography group where we could undertake development assignments that we set ourselves, enter competitions and go on excursions whenever we wanted! This all started in January 2006 and so far it has been a great success, i.e. we have all learned a lot and had a lot of fun too!

Since starting the group we have also picked up a few new members along the way (people foolish enough to want to join the mad gang!) and they have made a real positive impact.

This website is designed to showcase some of our best and latest work. We hope you enjoy the photographs. Please feel free to leave a comment on any of them if you wish.

If you wish to contact us, please send a message on the contact us page and one of us will get back to you very quickly.

The current active members of BlackDogWhiteWall are:

Laura Birkett
Amanda Bowers
Tim Bowers
Terry Carter
Dan Cashdan
Tiggy Clifford
Richard Egan
Barry Flude
Neil McLeay
Steve Melvin
Jaime Raynor-Joyce
Phil Singleton
Wendy Sykes

A selection of our best work can be found in our main Gallery page.
An archive of other previously taken photographs can be found in our Archive gallery.