BlackDog Gallery

Recent Work
 (Contains 24 photos)
Recent Images portfolio
Landscapes & Travel
These portfolios show the various landscape and travel shots we have taken, both within the UK and overseas.
 (Contains 44 photos)
York portfolio
 (Contains 21 photos)
Whitby & Robin Hood's Bay portfolio
 (Contains 31 photos)
Saltwick Bay portfolio
 (Contains 11 photos)
Rest of Yorkshire portfolio
 (Contains 18 photos)
Lake District portfolio
 (Contains 28 photos)
Northumberland portfolio
 (Contains 6 photos)
Scotland portfolio
 (Contains 17 photos)
North Wales portfolio
 (Contains 7 photos)
Rest of United Kingdom portfolio
 (Contains 5 photos)
Overseas portfolio
People & Portraits
These portfolios show both some of the formal portraits we have taken and some of our informal & candid people shots.
 (Contains 13 photos)
Formal Portraits portfolio
 (Contains 13 photos)
Candids portfolio
Architecture, Transport & Abstracts
Buildings, structures and architectural features, along with anything transport-related, as well as abstract/observed shots, is where we're at in this portfolio.
 (Contains 5 photos)
Architecture & Buildings portfolio
 (Contains 5 photos)
Trains, Planes & Automobiles portfolio
 (Contains 11 photos)
Abstracts & Other Observations portfolio
The Living World
Here are some of our shots from the living world. These include flowers, both in their natural setting/light and posed in a studio environment, and our animal favourites.
 (Contains 22 photos)
Flowers & Nature portfolio
 (Contains 11 photos)
Animals portfolio